The Creative High Podcast Corey Fischer Actor Director

Corey Fischer has an acting and directing career spanning 50 years, and is termed an ‘acting treasure’ of the San Francisco Bay Area. Corey talks about being on the TV show Barney Miller, working with film director Robert Altman and his extensive theater background. Having been in recovery since 1984, Corey speaks to the importance of his zen practice, the challenges of taking medication and how he has found relief from ‘art addiction’. Find his work at

The Creative High Podcast Tom Sway, Singer-Songwriter

Tom Sway is a ‘lyric blues’ musician and a dynamic performer who sinks deep into emotional terrain. Tom and Adriana talk about the magic of art-making, the gifts of sensitivity, and how recovery gets better when embracing art and the expansive self. He plays his songs ’51/50’ and ‘Rescue Mission’ on the podcast. Find more of Tom’s music on YouTube.

The Creative High Podcast Thayer Walker, Sound and Video Producer

Thayer Walker works behind the scenes in video and sound production. He talks to Adriana about how relationships have shaped his path to recovery, and being in an artistic partnership with his wife Joan Osato. Other topics include overcoming shyness, cover bands and supporting others’ creative visions.

The Creative High Podcast Lee Gant, Knitter and Writer

Lee Gant is a knitter with tattoos. Overcoming her painful past including an addiction to toxic substances, Lee talks to Adriana about the healing power of knitting, writing her memoir and her relapse in recovery.

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The Creative High Podcast Wickie Stamps, Filmmaker

Filmmaker, writer and activist Wickie Stamps embraces edginess in her recovery. An active part of the queer arts community in San Francisco, her work reflects this subculture. Wickie talks about the comfort she gets watching horror films, and how to be right sized as an artist.

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The Creative High Podcast JoAnneh Nagler, Author

JoAnneh Nagler is an author, musician and teacher who brings passion and clarity to all of her creative projects. Encountering deep disorientation and loss due to debting, JoAnneh’s recovery embraces balance with her artist life in many forms including time, money and relationships. Find her work and her most recent book here, ‘How to Be an Artist Without Losing Your Mind, Your Shirt, or Your Creative Compass’.



The Creative High Podcast John Ater Photographer


John Ater is a photographer in long term recovery. John talks with Adriana about how to ’see’ as a photographer, the way he has developed his creative work in recovery and growing up in Texas. Find John’s work at



The Creative High podcast highlights artists who have faced addiction. Exploring creativity, recovery and the creative process, The Creative High podcast is hosted by arts expert and director Adriana Marchione. This series of lively discussions are a companion to the documentary film, The Creative High which is currently in production. 

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The Creative High Podcast Carmen Martines Writer/Blogger


The Creative High Podcast highlights artists in recovery. In this episode host Adriana Marchione talks to Carmen Martines, a writer, poet, storyteller and blogger. Carmen shares about her daily writing practice, influences from her recovery community, losing her best friend and her yearly pilgrimage to Burning Man. Find Carmen’s blog at